There were 2,079,666actively trading businesses in Australia in June 2013, with the majority of businesses being within the Construction industry (328,486) followed by the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (241,814) and finally the Rental, Hiring and real Estate Services industries (219,878).The state with the highest number of businesses operating in 2013 was New South Wales, followed by Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. out of 30,000 households successfully contacted at random just over 1000 had a family member identified as a founder of a nascent firm.

With all of our modern technology and entrepreneurial communities, there is a lot of support and grants available now so if you’re thinking of starting up your own business in 2015; there’s no time like the present!

We really are a spoilt generation having the whole world at our fingertips thanks to the internet, and the increasing number of crowdsourcing websites make it even easier to get your business off the ground by using cost-effective outsourcing to build your staff team temporarily until you have the budget for your full-time dream team.

If you following your dreams and/or New Year’s resolution to become a CEO this year, the Australian Government’s business website will be a vital research tool for you to find all of the information, grants, assistance, advice and support you could possibly need. If you are going self-employed this year, the FlyingSolo link below will be a great resource tool and a place to connect with other freelance professionals.


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