LinkedIn Introduces New Weekly Invitation Limits

Have you had a notification come up recently saying that you’ve reached your weekly or daily invitation limit on LinkedIn.

I have had 35 messages in the past few days in my LinkedIn inbox from people who have been sending out up to 70 connection requests every day and all of a sudden now finding they are hitting a restriction after 25-30 invitations.

Here’s what you need to know…

Align Your Objectives with LinkedIn

I will share what the LinkedIn invitation limits are and the changes that have happened. Before I do though, I really need everyone to stop and understand, that if you’re asking that question, you won’t get the best outcome long term.

The way to be successful at LinkedIn is the same as what it takes to do well on YouTube, as it is with Instagram and so on. The only way to win long term, is to align your goals with the objective of the platform.

Stop Spamming People

If you’re spamming people, taking advantage of a free system to create enough volume to find 1 person that bites for every 15 people that get annoyed, do you really think you should be allowed to do that?

LinkedIn has given you this tool to use, for free… And you’re spamming their members. What did you think would happen?

What would you do if you were running a networking group and a member invited along somebody that they liked but every other member hated, because all that person did was try and pitch you all the time?

You would probably introduce some rules around etiquette to preserve the good experience for your members.

You may get away with it for a while but it’s not a long term strategy. Why? Because it’s not aligned with the objective of the platform.

And just because it was “working” for you, as in you were getting an ROI…. That doesn’t mean it was actually working for you. You have no idea how many people chose not to do business with you, how many opportunities you have missed by using this approach.

This is a good thing for the platform, but it’s also a good thing for sales people.

It will help wake them up and start focusing on what they can do to offer help to their audience and add value, rather than filling their own stomachs with red wine and tenderloins on a Friday night.

What is the objective of LinkedIn?

Well they want LinkedIn members to spend more time on the site. Yes, they want more LinkedIn members.

But more importantly, they want them spending more time on the site. In order to achieve this objective, LinkedIn’s members need to have a great experience.

The LinkedIn product teams are constantly thinking of how they can serve members better content, protect them from being spammed, give them a better experience.

If you focus on doing the same thing with your audience I promise you, you’ll win at LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn’s invitation limits?

Now the limitations right now are different across different countries and are being tested by LinkedIn to see how it impacts usability.

It’s likely that the limitation will fluctuate from between 100 to 200 connection requests per week until they find their sweet spot. I expect it will be 100 invitations but currently most people are getting 25 a day, which equates to 175 per week.

How to avoid invitation restrictions

Here’s what you need to do to navigate this and avoid being restricted or even worse, booted off LinkedIn!

  1. Customise and personalise your connection requests
  2. Never assume someone has a need for your service
  3. Withdraw pending connection requests from over 3 weeks ago
  4. Only send connection requests to 2nd degree network
  5. Personalise your profile and get rid of the salesly rubbish
  6. Never send unsolicited links, nobody cares
  7. Stop focusing on volume, social media works on relevancy
  8. Stop selling. Start helping
  9. Enroll in Linked Insider 2.0

Number 9 was a bit of a joke.

Or was it….? Seriously… Sign up and you’ll touch the heavens 🙂

Thank you for your attention.


Nathanial Bibby is the Founder of LinkedIn marketing agency Bibby Consulting Group, 2x winner at the Social Media Marketing Awards for Best Use of LinkedIn 2019-2020. Nathanial is the creator and host of LinkedIn Heroes, Monday Night Live & The Nathanial Bibby Podcast. The Social Media Marketing Institute ranked him #1 on the Top 20 LinkedIn Experts in the Asia Pacific region.