LinkedIn Marketing Case Study

"100 leads in 30 days and doubled our sales revenue"

LinkedIn Lead Generation Case Study

In this case study Dani from We Are Video explains the process we went through to generate a huge amount of leads using LinkedIn.

By the end of the first month they had generated over 100 leads from their LinkedIn marketing campaign.

This effectively doubled their sales revenue within only 30 days and gave them a systematic strategy to grow their sales revenue with LinkedIn marketing.


We Are Video produces TV commercials for some of Australia’s leading brands, and as the preferred provider for low-cost video solutions our complete creative in-house team ensures your online video campaign will be just as engaging, entertaining and informative as any television commercial out there!

Looking for LinkedIn lead generation?

Are you effectively leveraging LinkedIn to generate sales for your business?

LinkedIn now has over 570 million professional members and 80% of all B2B leads are now coming from LinkedIn.

Imagine that within the next 30 days you could have a system to attract high quality leads every month consistently.

How would that make you feel?

To harness the power of LinkedIn contact us today.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

"We doubled our sales revenue and generated over 100 leads as a result of Bibby Consulting's lead generation strategies"

Ashwin Reddy Ashwin Reddy
TSD Advisory

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