Case Study: College for Adult Learning

122 highly-targeted leads in just 30 days!

What was the challenge?

With Google AdWords costs steadily increasing and the government reducing incentives for higher education, many training organisations struggled to maintain profitability.

With cold-call response rates declining, they were looking for ways to make their new business generation more efficient and successful.

A new, innovative lead generation strategy was required for CAL to reduce cost-per-lead and maintain competitive.

For these reasons CAL turned to LinkedIn lead generation.

What were the results?

LinkedIn lead generation gave the CAL team the ability to reach decision makers reliably with targeted communications that help move the sales process forward.

Through second-degree connections, they’re able to get more warm introductions to the right decision makers on LinkedIn.

Plus, they’re able to build credibility with prospects thanks to their new and improved, optimised LinkedIn profiles.

Within the first 30 days, CAL had a fresh, optimised LinkedIn presence and generated over 122 sales leads within 3 target markets.

The campaign needed to be placed on hold to allow enough time to follow up the leads - an outstanding result.

If you’re looking to grow your business, I strongly recommend Bibby Consulting Group's LinkedIn lead generation service.

Stephen Golding Stephen Golding
College for Adult Learning

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