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LinkedIn video gets 10X the results!

This year we’re going all in on LinkedIn video. In this article I’ll provide some links to content highlights and what I have learned. Before we get into it, I want to make special mention of all those who encouraged by sharing liking and commenting along the way.

As well as the people that took the time to direct message me with their feedback, I appreciate it more than you can imagine. The feedback on how I started my company really touched me, that was a very personal story.

The LinkedIn algorithm is picking up videos before other content, this is to be expected as it keeps members on LinkedIn and engaged. 90% of marketers haven’t got the message yet, so video still stands-out in the newsfeed.

Here’s the punchline –

LinkedIn video is here to stay and the results speak for themselves.

It’s time to get onboard.

Every brand has a story, one that is inherently unique.

Your narrative is unique, and our media team tell the story of your products, services and corporate identity. Through LinkedIn video we express the personality, emotion and value behind your brand.

These characteristics prompt buyers to flock to you, vendors to partner with you and customers to stick with you.

What are the facts?

  • Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster
  • Video boosts traffic from search engines 157%
  • Landing pages with videos increase conversions 80%
  • Videos in emails increase click-through rates 200-300%
  • Users spend 88% more time on websites with video
  • 73% of B2B marketers report positive video ROI

What is branded video?

Branded video content is a way of advancing a specific message or mission while keeping your company in the background. Branded LinkedIn video content should be authentic, entertaining, usually under 60 seconds, and target your core audience.

Unlike traditional advertisements, branded videos don’t sell anything, in fact, most of this content doesn’t even mention the brand at all. Instead, branded video content helps humanize your business by connecting to viewers emotionally and strengthening your brand voice.

When & how should I use branded video?

Branded video content is usually a great next step once you’ve grown a strong, core customer base and people are generally aware of your organization.

Branded videos are great for building awareness and making connections with your customers. Consider using them as part of a PR campaign and for ongoing social media engagement.

What are some characteristics of good LinkedIn video?

  • Short and sweet
  • Not self-promotional
  • Tells a story
  • Feels genuine and authentic
  • Unique voice and point-of-view

linkedin video types

Video Types


Made for sharing! Everyone loves a hot sizzling event video that simply screams “don’t you wish you were there!?” Or “hey everyone look at this shiny new thing we are launching!”. We love event videos because of the endless uses and they usually contain some seriously fun content.


Okay, now you’re confused, what is the difference between a marketing video and a promotional video again? We don’t actually know, so go elsewhere. Just kidding! We’re into business videos, so we do know, just come closer ( whisper volume ).


Why do we make testimonial videos? Because we want people to trust in us and what we have to offer. Searching for customer testimonials and reviews is a huge part of the buying decision and with more information than ever it’s not hard for people to find out what people are saying.


The best product demo videos aren’t just about features, benefits and functions. They are about something bigger, the greater story you are trying to tell about your brand.


Did you know we remember 65% more if we see visuals, hear audio and read words combined; compared to only 10% if words are presented alone. So it makes sense if you want to teach or train, do it through branded training videos!


Explainer videos are usually presented by a person, short in length and have a very specific goal. Let us show you how to make your videos look better.

LinkedIn Heroes Interview

LinkedIn Video Recommendations

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The Benefits of Amplifying Your Brand with LinkedIn Video 

Benefit 1: Being everywhere all the time.

Benefit 2: Video brings you face to face with more potential clients than you could possibly meet with alone.

Benefit 3: Video Builds Trust

Benefit 4: Video has been proven to increase sales

Benefit 5: Your customers love watching video

Are all videos equal?

Ofcourse not. There is an art to producing video that achieves your business goals.

LinkedIn video presents your brand with a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd. LinkedIn video communicates a lot more information in far less time.

In fact, a study from Responsive Inbound Marketing found that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

It’s time to get started.

Learn how to download LinkedIn video without any software or apps.

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Nathanial Bibby is the Founder of LinkedIn marketing agency Bibby Consulting Group, 2x winner at the Social Media Marketing Awards for Best Use of LinkedIn 2019-2020. Nathanial is the creator and host of LinkedIn Heroes, Monday Night Live & The Nathanial Bibby Podcast. The Social Media Marketing Institute ranked him #1 on the Top 20 LinkedIn Experts in the Asia Pacific region.