Since I started running LinkedIn training courses 10 years ago, demand has never been as high as it is right now.

Why is demand for LinkedIn training at an all-time high?

With Perth, Melbourne, Sydney all in and out of lock-down during 2021, sales teams have been forced to embrace virtual selling and prospecting or risk going out of business.

Businesses all over the world have been impacted.

Before the world was slapped with a pandemic, businesses could prospect lots of ways and most would stick to what they know best….

Networking breakfasts, smashing the pavement and getting out there and seeing clients face to face.

With the pandemic throwing these traditional practices out the door, LinkedIn training has become a must.

It was generally the forward-thinking businesses who were investing in LinkedIn training to find new ways to generate sales revenue and improve their overall results.

With many salespeople now stuck at home, they need to embrace prospecting and relationship building online fast or they won’t survive to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The businesses that we work with both in Australia and internationally have said that LinkedIn training for their sales team has been the single best investment they made in their business this year.

Your content has to come from an authentic place, where you’re helping your community, not leveraging people’s vulnerability.

At Bibby Consulting Group, we have added learning outcomes to discuss how to show up on LinkedIn in a world filled with uncertainty.

How to use LinkedIn with empathy, without being salesy….. How to create conversations and turn them into new customers in the most efficient way possible.

During the past couple of years, many of our clients have become leaders in their industry by attending one of our face-to-face, virtual or online LinkedIn courses. The training enabled them to post content with more views, more engagement and to convert that attention into leads.

We also manage lead generation and content for many businesses who’d prefer to skip the training and outsource to our expert team. I am particularly proud of our Behind the Brand service where we are creating 20 absolutely awesome videos from a 45 minute interview – all edited with all the bells and whistles that attract fans on social media.

Our clients enrolled in Behind the Brand are absolutely crushing it, with no prior audience or engagement…. Clients with a couple hundred connections getting 4,000 views plus on their first post!!

Who is LinkedIn training suitable for?

LinkedIn training is suitable for anybody in business looking to build their network, generate leads, find a job, and/or establish credibility in their industry.

Sales people, B2B marketers, job hunters, entrepreneurs, and business owners can all benefit from using LinkedIn effectively.

For anybody in business or in sales, our speciality is upskilling sales teams to generate more leads, close more sales and much larger transaction sizes.

If you have not upskilled your team on LinkedIn yet, or you aren’t getting the results you want on LinkedIn, now is the time to get in touch.

The sooner you get trained, the sooner you stop making expensive and time-consuming mistakes and the sooner you eliminate competition and become the authority in your industry.

Social media my friends, is where the attention is.

In the business world, that means LinkedIn.

Is your business leveraging LinkedIn effectively?

Nathanial Bibby delivers LinkedIn training virtually worldwide and in-person for businesses in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. To find out if your business would be a good fit please get in touch with our team today.

If you prefer to progress at your own pace, check out our latest online course Linked Insider


Nathanial Bibby is the Founder of LinkedIn marketing agency Bibby Consulting Group, 2x winner at the Social Media Marketing Awards for Best Use of LinkedIn 2019-2020. Nathanial is the creator and host of LinkedIn Heroes, Monday Night Live & The Nathanial Bibby Podcast. The Social Media Marketing Institute ranked him #1 on the Top 20 LinkedIn Experts in the Asia Pacific region.