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Accelerate your results with 1-on-1 coaching with Nathanial Bibby

Looking for LinkedIn coaching?

Are you looking for a personalised 1-on-1 coaching service focused entirely on your business objectives?

Our clients have found that private coaching can have huge impacts on the success of their business.

With experience growing 20,000 businesses in 120 industries, Nathanial can quickly address problem areas and opportunities. Often small adjustments in strategy can have a huge impact on results.

Nathanial delivers coaching to only a handful of speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs, sales people and business owners.

Coaching can involve the following areas:

  • LinkedIn for business
  • Social selling
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Sales skills (online, telephone, person)
  • Digital transformation
  • CRM & automation setup
  • LinkedIn, Facebook & Google Ads
  • Email marketing & copywriting

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1-on-1 LinkedIn Coaching Customised for You

With over 700 million business professional on LinkedIn, it's a powerful tool for business professionals and entrepreneurs to find, connect and engage their target audience.

Bibby Consulting Group is Australia's largest and most experienced LinkedIn training courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore. We know how to get results, because we've practiced the LinkedIn training with clients across 120+ industries.

Our LinkedIn expert Nathanial Bibby is a 2 x social media marketing award winner, in 2019 and 2020 Nathanial won Best Use of LinkedIn.

The Social Media Marketing Institute rank Nathanial the number one LinkedIn expert in their top 20 LinkedIn experts list in the APAC region.

Florence Aimonetti Florence Aimonetti, Branding Specialist

“Nathanial Bibby is a brilliant social media expert, and can help you get to #1 on LinkedIn searches for your desired keywords. I will certainly be recommending Nathanial's course moving forward.”

Ryan Marks Ryan Marks, Telecommunications

“Nathanial sharing his knowledge on LinkedIn and Online Marketing was extremely helpful and I'd highly recommend his course.”

Grace Bovalina Grace Bovalina, Human Resources Manager at Eleuthera Group

“Nathanial's approach to business and training is all about giving value. I will certainly be recommending the LinkedIn training for HR professionals and business people in general, as well as Nathanial for his online marketing expertise!”

Dave Roberts Dave Roberts, Director - Sidecar Creative

“Nathanial showed me a whole new way of looking at it in terms of networking and lead generation. I had 3 enquiries about possible work within a week of completing the course so clearly it works! Couldn’t recommend it more for those looking to take advantage of the ever-growing online market.”

Graham Patten Graham Patten, Sales Associate at EnergyAware

“I recently had the pleasure of learning how to use LinkedIn properly to build our network and get more customers with LinkedIn Coach, Nathanial Bibby.... One of the best things I found about the course, was that it wasn't so technical, but business-focused and results-driven. There was a huge amount of information to learn, but Nathanial managed to ensure the entire class was inspired and engaged the whole time.”

Nalin Chandra Nalin Chandra, Business Development Manager | Sales Manager | IT Manager

“Nathanial shared with us the actual strategies he uses himself, and the secrets to using LinkedIn for lead generation. It has only been a couple of weeks since the training and I am already seeing some outstanding results!!”

Louis Detata Louis Detata, Investment Adviser | Financial Adviser | Portfolio Manager

“When it comes to using LinkedIn to get more customers, Nathanial is the expert in Australia. In the finance industry, traditional marketing methods are expensive and largely ineffective. The LinkedIn course showed me how I can get in touch with potential clients that fit my ideal profile in a matter of minutes and the best way to contact them. “

Nick Murfett Nick Murfett, Professional Coach and Mentor

“Nathanial recently delivered a session on LinkedIn strategies for business professionals and how to use this powerful medium to generate leads. The class was energetic, engaging and inspiring. I left the class with a strong understanding of how LinkedIn could be used to assist my business and the important role it plays in my overall marketing strategy. “

Stephen Golding Stephen Golding, Business Manager at College For Adult Learning

“The LinkedIn Fundamentals course was exactly what we needed to gain the knowledge required to easily engage with our target audience without spending thousands of dollars on marketing. In 3 hours we learnt how to optimize our profile and lead generation skills that will benefit us for many years to come. If you’re looking to grow your business, I strongly recommend Nathanial’s LinkedIn Training.”

Matt Phipps, Director - RealtyWeber

“Nathanial assisted me with his LinkedIn training. Not only did the training help me review my profile for my personal brand, but also how to utilise LinkedIn for generating leads for my business. He adapted and personailised his training program to give me the maximum results I was looking for. I highly recommend Nathanial for this training.”

About Bibby Consulting

Bibby Consulting Group is Australia's leading LinkedIn training and marketing services provider.

Bibby Consulting Group is for businesses who share our belief that strategy comes first and are looking for a competitive edge and measurable results.

Having helped over 10,000 businesses across 120 industries, the Bibby Consulting team has the experience necessary to apply the right strategy to achieve your business objectives.

If you want digital marketing advice you can trust, then speak to the team at Bibby Consulting Group.