LinkedIn engagement has been up and down over the past 6 months. I suspect they’re testing a lot of algorithm adjustments to weed out automation and low-quality content making it’s way onto the newsfeed.

Overall, in the past couple of years LinkedIn engagement has been awesome, which means people are more active on the platform and spending a lot more time on the site.

Which has the additional benefit of allowing savvy content creators the ability to reach a massive audience organically – which is not possible on many other social media sites anymore.

In Microsoft’s FY19 Q3 report released at the end of April, it is clear that LinkedIn has continued to see rising levels of on-platform engagement.

See below….

LinkedIn report
LinkedIn Report 2019

Microsoft reports that LinkedIn’s revenue has increased by 27% for the quarter, while the platform continues to see ‘record levels of engagement’, with on-platform sessions growing by 24%.

That is a huge jump…


LinkedIn is not far off releasing stories, post reactions, and other replicated social media functions….

LinkedIn Reactions
LinkedIn Reactions

LinkedIn knows what it’s doing with reactions and stories. Engagement is only set to increase, regardless of whether content creators organic each declines or not.

Not to mention the long-awaited LinkedIn live, which is currently available in the US and among a handful or beta testers around the globe.

Attached is popular LinkedIn creator Goldie Chan hosting a LinkedIn live who had 1,000 plus people on the call within 20 minutes.

LinkedIn live
Goldie Chan hosting LinkedIn live

There are significant improvements being made on company pages and LinkedIn advertising is getting better all the time. The engagement stats suggest that the company is looking in the right direction.

With many businesses looking to offset the steady declines in Facebook reach, other platforms are getting more focus. LinkedIn looks to be taking advantage of the gap in the market.

It’s exciting times for B2B marketing.

B2B Marketing

With LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft recently becoming the third ever trillion dollar company in history, the future is looking bright for the 700 million-strong business network.

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