LinkedIn is an important tool for every business and professional; both for networking and generating new leads. There are a few simple tricks to make your searches soar on LinkedIn including;

  1. Type keywords into the search box, creating a search chain with keywords, title, company name and so on.
  2. Use the word ‘AND’ in your searches when searching for something with two elements. You can separate the terms with ”AND” (in uppercase letters only).
  3.  OR; Expand your search to uncover profiles that have more than one search term. ‘OR’ can also be used to find additional spellings of the same thing you’re searching for.
  4. NOT; this can be effective when search results keep giving you the same irrelevant company/personal information.
  5. Quotation marks; these work well if you’re looking for a specific search term
  6. Bonus point; when using Google to search for specific information, use stars. So if, for example you need LinkedIn user statistics, you would type *LinkedIn user statistics 2014.’ Happy hunting!


Nathanial Bibby is the Founder of LinkedIn marketing agency Bibby Consulting Group, 2x winner at the Social Media Marketing Awards for Best Use of LinkedIn 2019-2020. Nathanial is the creator and host of LinkedIn Heroes, Monday Night Live & The Nathanial Bibby Podcast. The Social Media Marketing Institute ranked him #1 on the Top 20 LinkedIn Experts in the Asia Pacific region.