5 Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Avoid these common mistakes when social selling on LinkedIn

With access to over 460 million members on the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn enables sales lead generation success by allowing sales professionals to easily and quickly find the right prospects.

Here are five huge LinkedIn mistakes that you want your team to avoid to optimise lead generation and social selling performance.

  1. Profile Designed for Recruiters Not ProspectsIf you’re a sales rep, you’re probably on LinkedIn. Take a closer look at your profile. Recruiters will search for job titles like, “Account Director”, but will your prospects? Sales people will search for titles like, “CEO”, but will your prospects? Use keywords to attract prospects to your profile and write the profile in a manner that engages your prospects and inspires action.
  2. Selling Too QuicklyThis goes without saying, but people don’t connect on social media to attract a large volume of digital sales pitches.Naturally, they connect with people they view as professional, credible and relevant experts to integrate into their network for potential opportunities for business and contribution. Most professionals join social networks like LinkedIn to generate business connections. Instead, share insights and backgrounds, interact through group and discussion forums.
  1. Missing ProfilesIf using LinkedIn for career development, it makes sense to create a personal profile page that reads like a resume. Employers source profiles looking for professionals with the right education, experience and skills to match job needs. Social selling has a much different intent. As a sales rep, you want your profile page to read more like a customer-centric layout of the value you offer.Use a summary to provide a concise description of your role in delivering on the value your company provides. Highlight your sales and business relationship accomplishments. Acquire quality endorsements of your skills as they speak to the interests of targeted prospects scanning your page. A professional photo is an important component of a quality LinkedIn sales profile as well. Make sure you complete as much as your profile as possible.

  1. Prospecting with Basic Search OnlyBasic search is the simple search toolbar located at the top of the LinkedIn site. Many sales people enter job titles and other keywords in the hopes of hitting on quality B2B prospects. However, this type of search produces broad results that are often inefficient to quality and contact. Advanced search is much more effective at targeting your prospects precisely.Filter based on factors such as geography, industry, job title and business size. You can also gain more details on prospect needs and preferences by interacting with them in group forums related to your business.
    1. Not Using Content to EngageLinkedIn offers excellent opportunities to extend the reach of your content marketing. You can share your own content as well as links to other relevant content. However, many reps simply post link after link to their timelines, which eventually causes people to get desensitised to them. A great way to stimulate conversations is to use content that is relevant to your target audience.Don’t forget to add a personal message or insight when you share your own link or another party’s link.Add comments to other shared content that highlight expertise and credibility. Your content is valuable on LinkedIn only when it is seen and when it contributes to conversations. Viewing LinkedIn as a community-centered social learning platform may help a salesperson naturally interact and develop rapport with prospects.


You have to treat LinkedIn differently for social selling than career networking. Put your profile to work for you and your prospects. Focus on engagement, not peddling products to new connections, start using advanced search opportunities, and engage through content.

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