Digital marketing trends can be tough to keep up with. Everything moves faster and faster every year.

The new currency of marketing is attention, do you know where your customers’ attention is and how to attract it?….. Are you 100% sure?

Then, you need to hold on to their attention, how on earth are you going to do that?

After all, you are up against thousands of competitors, competing globally, many with far more resources than you.

… Accept the scarcest resource of them all (see trend #3).

We are introducing a ton of exciting strategies to help our clients take advantage of these 4 key areas in the online world.

#1 Video Marketing

We all know video content is taking over social media. It’s literally dominating on every platform now.

That trend won’t be reversing any time soon. In fact, it’s accelerating, and successful marketers need to get out in front of it.

#2 Personal Branding

A study by Kredible found that 52 percent of vendors it surveyed said they’d lost business because of information customers found, or didn’t find online about them.

With so many social profiles, it’s important to carefully select and manage which ones people will see.

Establishing yourself as an expert on specific topics within your industry or niche is critical when it comes to credibility.

#3 Trust

So, how do you build trust.

In this article, I’ll share 2 simple, but highly effective ways.

First, let’s talk about social proof.

Social proof is everything when it comes to building a business online. If you don’t have any proof that your business can and has helped other people find success, there’s no way for a user to know if they can trust you or not.

Social proof works just like an online review. It demonstrates credibility for the skeptics and shows that you’re the go-to person or business when it comes to resolving a specific pain point.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation…. According to BrightLocal’s 2016 study,

The 2nd way I’d like you to think about trust is authenticity.

Nobody likes being lied to.

When told the truth, even if we don’t like it….We feel respected.

And when we do encounter this customers are happy to do business with them again and to tell their friends too.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

One last thing, consistency, is key.

#4 Mobile, mobile, mobile!

Be honest, own up in the comments below if the first thing you do in the morning in reach for your smart phone. I’ll come clean first, I check my phone before I roll over far more than I’d like to admit!

I know the number of hands that go up, when I ask the audience this. It is easier to fly under the radar from behind a keyboard, so let’s see how many people are brave enough own up 🙂

After a couple weeks, I’ll share some stats on how much people are actually using their phones. You’ll be shocked (will post in comments).

If you’re not on social media, have a responsive website or thinking about how apps might apply to your industry then…. I’d say, it’s something to think about!

Ignore mobile, and it could be fatal to your business. Whatever the size or marketing share it may have today, in 5 years you are going to struggle to compete.

Recommended Reading

To sum up, the future of marketing can never be known for certain. But by studying industry trends, attention and measuring results effectively, you can dominate your industry in a relatively short time.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, what did you learn, what did I miss?

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn here.


Nathanial Bibby is the Founder of LinkedIn marketing agency Bibby Consulting Group, 2x winner at the Social Media Marketing Awards for Best Use of LinkedIn 2019-2020. Nathanial is the creator and host of LinkedIn Heroes, Monday Night Live & The Nathanial Bibby Podcast. The Social Media Marketing Institute ranked him #1 on the Top 20 LinkedIn Experts in the Asia Pacific region.