Lead Generation and Skydiving


I went skydiving a couple of years ago on the Gold Coast. Have you ever done it? It was terrifying! But that’s not why I share the story on a webinar on Advanced Lead Generation Strategies that was hosted by The Marketers Club We discuss the latest trends in the marketing industry and which strategies are crushing it,…

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Financial Adviser Attracts 23 Qualified Leads in 30 Days

ASHWIN REDDY 396x315 - Financial Adviser Attracts 23 Qualified Leads in 30 Days

Financial Services is one of the most competitive industries for Digital Marketing. On Google you are looking at $50+ per click and SEO is largely ineffective. Did you know that over 70% of high net worth individuals between 55-64 use LinkedIn for financial communication and research. Of all the social networks, LinkedIn is recognised as…

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What is lead generation?

It’s a term you may have hard a lot, (or very little) about, so just what is lead generation?In marketing, the term lead describes the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into the products or services of your business. The leads themselves are created for sales leads, contact database building, and/or e-newsletter list acquisition. Lead…

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Don’t be afraid to refuse contact requests on LinkedIn!

Never add LinkedIn users for the sake of it. The key to using LinkedIn successfully is to create a pool of potential clients, third party partnerships and customers. Write a list of the types of professionals, industries and companies that would benefit you, then use the advanced search option to find these people on LinkedIn.…

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7 common mistakes LinkedIn newbies make

LinkedIn is the one place where people consistently go to find experts.From recruiters trolling for candidates to the more than 85 percent of people who look for local experts online, LinkedIn is the place to be.Expert Mary Jeanne Vincent shares suggestions for avoiding some of the common mistakes new LinkedIn members make; http://www.montereyherald.com/business/20141208/mary-jeanne-vincent-career-talk-linkedin-7-common-mistakes-novice-users-make  

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