Where are these professional potty-mouths from?

We recently shared results that identified the USA, London and Australia as the most prolific swear word users on LinkedIn.

We have a sneaky suspicion that people are starting to view the competitive business industry similarly to the music industry; that they must be outrageous and rebellious to get attention and stand out.

Using foul language on your LinkedIn profile will certainly make you stand out; but for all the wrong reasons. We may be perceived a little prudish for thinking this way, but LinkedIn is a vital tool to network with relevant professionals, potential partnerships and generate leads. The same goes for the potential next craze of people posting personal photos as they do on Facebook or Twitter. Could a naked yet branded profile picture be next?

Put the shoe on the other foot; would you be dazzled by someone swearing and vying for your attention on their profile? OR would you laugh but silently agree that's not professional and not the way you want to communicate yourself or your brand? Bearing in mind there are a lot of older professionals on LinkedIn who could potentially be vital sources of information or business for you; they are probably less likely to be impressed by your potty mouth.

If we're not aiming to be a controversial musician or blogger, keep it clean people. Be out of the box creative, but without the use of swearing for ****''s sake...


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