What is lead generation?

It’s a term you may have hard a lot, (or very little) about, so just what is lead generation?In marketing, the term lead describes the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into the products or services of your business.
The leads themselves are created for sales leads, contact database building, and/or e-newsletter list acquisition.
Lead generation is sometimes done via advertising, but also includes free sources such as organic search engine results and/or referrals from existing customers.   The idea is to generate quality leads, meaning those with a higher possibility of delivering a desired outcome whether that be closing sales or entering a new affiliate partnership.
The majority of businesses use social media to generate leads and/or gain new business opportunities.  There are three main pricing models used in the online advertising sector that marketing professionals can use to generate leads;

1. Cost per thousand; also known as CPM, uses pricing models that charge for impressions. For example, the number of times people view an advert

2. Cost per click; Search keywords have become expensive due to high competition

3. Cost per action; This form of advertising charges only by the lead.   Have a question about Lead Generation?  ? We're always here to help: http://www.bibbyconsultinggroup.com.au/contact/


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