Top Places to Include Keywords on LinkedIn



starterpackFinding the right keywords for your profession or purpose is one thing, another thing to know is the how to put the right keywords in the right places so that the profile is 100% visible.

When you have your chosen keywords, search for these phrases in LinkedIn and review the first few profiles.

See where the key phrases are placed; the best places are the headline, summary, and specialties. You should do likewise, and don’t forget to include keywords in job titles and job descriptions.

The fastest way to grow you network is to leveraging your connections. It’s important to think of LinkedIn as not only the sum of your first-degree connections, but also as your extended network of second- and third-degree network members.

Therefore, keep these second- and third-degree network members in mind so you can best leverage your connections to achieve progress.

Remember there is a line to avoid crossing with the use of keywords. You have to learn to include keywords in a natural way that enhances search rankings without looking and hurting your image.

If you go overboard, it may help you rank higher in LinkedIn search results, but it will look so redundant and spammy that it might create a bad impression.

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