The most annoying & baffling office sayings in the world

This week we discovered a blog of LinkedIn users who shared their list of the most annoying office sayings.

Our 'favourite' sayings shared by the LinkedIn community were 'Let's have an ideas Jacuzzi' and an IT worker's offering of “When I'm parachuted into an organisation it was a case of start the heart, stop the bleeding and treat for shock”.   The latter one makes no sense; which leads to a third saying of 'Dazzle 'em with diamonds, or baffle them with bull****'.

Now, we don't know where you work, but we've collectively worked in a lot of varying sectors over the years, and our bosses have mostly been old and not in any way sexually attractive. So, the ideas of having an 'Ideas Jacuzzi' with them doesn't exactly fill us with joy. We'd love to hear your pet hates in the office of the silly things you think people say...


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