Google AdWords Management Melbourne


Google AdWords Management Melbourne

Search Engine Marketing, otherwise known on Google as AdWords is a form of internet advertising for consumers specifically looking for products and services. Google only charges when a consumer clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Our reporting platform tracks and measures all return on investment including calls, online enquiries, online sales, emails and form submissions. This allows to optimize the campaign to focus on the search terms (keyword) that are actually generating enquiries.

Campaign Management

Your Google Campaign Manager will create your campaign from scratch for new Adwords clients. If a client has existing Adwords data, Google will set up campaign using the historical data on what keywords actually have converted over the past few months, so we can hit the ground running. This unique set-up is not offered by any of our competitors. Google themselves will monitor the campaign for 3 months in conjunction with our own Google Campaign manager to ensure clients get maximum airtime 7 days a week. This also allows us to implement more sophisticated call tracking where we use multiple numbers to gather data about who calls after typing their name directly into the search bar, the URL bar and via all referral sources.

It is very easy to eliminate ineffective advertising and focus on only paying Google for keywords that generate customers.

About Your Lead Generation Team

Bibby Consulting Group have managed successful lead generation campaigns for clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.

Our team has experience managing lead generation campaigns for businesses in manufacturing, construction, IT, real estate, management consulting, software development, sales, marketing, banking, entertainment, the music industry, the outdoor industry, online media, accounting, payment processing, financial services, B2B products, renewable energy, event marketing, and many more.

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"I found working with Nathanial to be a motivating and supportive experience. I would recommend Bibby Consulting to business owners needing to increase the volume and quality of leads to create new relationships and new business." - Craig Stephens

"When it comes to LinkedIn, Bibby Consulting are leading the way
not only in Australia but here in Asia as well." - Scott Eddy

"Within 30 days of commencing my lead generation campaign the Bibby Consulting team has optimised my profile, and I am consistently meeting with at least 2 potential clients every day." - Dean Djokic

"Since Bibby Consulting has began to help me with my online marketing, the phone keeps on ringing!" - Matthew Bacsick

"We doubled our sales revenue in 30 days" - Watch full story below!

"When it comes to using LinkedIn to get more customers, Nathanial is the expert in Australia." - Louis Detata

How Your Campaign Will be Managed


Getting Started

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