How to motivate LinkedIn users to follow and interact with you

When we search for, find and read a professional's LinkedIn profile, it's because we are looking for something; whether that be for networking opportunities, a particular skill to bring into our business or a potential third party partnership.It can be generic reading through a personal or company LinkedIn profile; we’re looking for some kind of clue that we’ve come to the right person.

With this in mind, it now makes sense to use reverse psychology on our LinkedIn profiles. It can be tedious reading through endless LinkedIn social media profiles that focus on the user's work history; how refreshing would it be to find a profile that's outlining what you're looking for and how they can help you achieve this? Tailor the content to speak directly to your target consumer. For example, rather than writing on your LinkedIn profile that you ‘have a decade of experience within your industry’ e.g. Public Relations for the fashion industry, write ‘Professional PR services helping fashion brands to succeed for a decade.’

Rather than listing endless experience and skills, turn your LinkedIn profile into a summary formed of two or three powerful tips that your page visitors can go away with. The more knowledgeable and helpful you appear to be, the more people you will inspire to contact you.


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