How to make 2015 your best on LinkedIn

We've been shouting about it until we've nearly been blue in the face for years, but the media has finally caught up and there's been a lot of exposure about the benefits of using LinkedIn recently; for job seekers, professionals and businesses.  So, how can you make 2015 your best yet on LinkedIn?1. Review & revive your LinkedIn profile; make your profile more interesting and client orientated.2. Ask merry customers, clients and colleagues on LinkedIn to review your products/services.3. Delete any irrelevant connections and groups4. Set aside a morning to learn how LinkedIn works; and how to get the most out of it

5. Include a contact number on your profile

6. only join and add the right groups and contacts

7. Add a professional but approachable profile photo; logos do not often work well as people prefer to connect with 'real' people

8. Make regular posts to LinkedIn weekly; and set aside a little time each morning to engage with your groups and contacts



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