How to engage your LinkedIn followers

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a more popular social networking site annually; now second only to Facebook.

Many users are still unaware just how valuable LinkedIn can be to the success of their business; in return for a little creativity, time and effort. There's no point having 500+ LinkedIn contacts if you're not engaging with any of them.

Here are some tips to increase engagement rates with your LinkedIn followers;

  1. Spend the first half an hour of your week day sending welcome messages to new LinkedIn followers/contact requests, respond to any comments on your company page posts and checking your key LinkedIn groups.
  2. Join 2 or 3 LinkedIn groups which most closely suit your industry, services or products.  Respond to others/ questions posted in these groups with helpful advice, links or information.
  3. Raise brand awareness by sharing your latest blog post, white paper, eBook, products and industry news in these LinkedIn groups as well as on your company page to establish your brand as thought leaders in your field.
  4. Encourage employees to interact in your LinkedIn groups using similar brand tone; building relationships with potential clients and customers.
  5. Ask happy customers and LinkedIn colleagues to recommend you and your products on LinkedIn.
  6. Find new leads by using the Advanced People Search in LinkedIn ; search by granular groups of people such as director's of companies with 5,000+ employees.
  7. Consider using Inmail to contact people you are not connected to; LinkedIn states the open rate on InMail messages are 44% higher than free messages.
  8. Use LinkedIn adverts; LinkedIn advertising allows users to target their target audience more effectively


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