Are you unknowingly a LinkedIn spammer?

There's two sides to every story; in this case, the first being that having as many contacts as possible on LinkedIn generates bigger brand awareness, and the second being that having a more condensed group of direct potential clients and partners allows you to build meaningful and strong relationships with these contacts.We can understand both thought processes, but for LinkedIn, the latter is the best way to manage and retain your contact relationships. A musician on Facebook, for example, may add anyone and everyone as it's a method of getting their music out there and building fans. In terms of LinkedIn, as identified in the blog below, adding people that have absolutely nothing to do with your industry or possess no interest in your kind of services are completely pointless.If you are a small cake shop, for example, based in Australia; why indeed would you find any use in adding a hairdresser or chauffeur driver from a country on the other side of the world? Like many fashion influencers say, 'less is more', and the same applies when using professional social media networking platforms such as LinkedIn.

An additional bonus of having a smaller and well-thought out contacts database on LinkedIn of course is being able to manage your contacts effectively. Spammers who add anyone and everyone often join each and every group; the downside of this means your email inbox will constantly be terrorized by constant group updates that no human being can possibly keep up with. When you get bombarded by social media notifications, our instant reaction is to simply switch-off and avoid LinkedIn altogether.

Give it a try today, set aside an hour or so and go through your contacts firmly deleting anyone who has no connection to your industry or country of work (if your a local business). Do the same with your groups; the positive effects may just astound you...



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