Refer a Friend and Get Up to 6 Months of Marketing - Free!

Tell your friends, earn rewards. Offer your friends a free coaching session valued at $500 and if they decide to invest in LinkedIn marketing, we give you a free month.

We even give your friend a free month because they were introduced by you!

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Refer a Friend

A referral program where everybody wins!

Start earning rewards today by adding value to your network.

  • 155 - Refer a Friend

    $500 Coaching Voucher

    Your referral will receive a $500 voucher for a profile review with a LinkedIn coach that they get for free because of you. At the end of the coaching there is an option of learning more about our services without any obligation.

  • 138 - Refer a Friend

    Win/Win Rewards

    If your referral engages our team to assist with their marketing you and your friend get 1 month on the house. Earn an entire 6 month campaign with only 5 successful referrals!

  • 290 - Refer a Friend

    Email Templates

    Pre-written email templates that deliver value make it easy for you to refer you friends. Login to our partner portal to monitor your referrals and access partner resources to help you succeed.

We are committed to the success of our partners.

Refer-a-friend rewards are strictly available for existing and previous clients of Bibby Consulting Group. We believe that successful business relationships are built over time by adding value and open communication.

This program is designed to help our clients add more value to their network over and above their own services. We create win/win solutions that add value to you and your friends.

Earn up to 6 months free in 3 easy steps - enter your friends name and email address, send one of our pre-formatted templates offering a complimentary profile review and start earning rewards today!


Referral Program

Ready to start earning rewards?

Start by sending your friends an email with a complimentary LinkedIn coaching voucher valued at $500. We create value, no hard-selling.

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